Reach 100K+ St. Pete activators

Attract the people who meet, ideate, and act to your event.

The Catalyst draws in 100K activators a month, and that number is growing, month after month.

Conferences, trade shows, seminars and product launches — Catalyst readers are hungry for events their increase their acumen and their connections.

Create a connection through value-laden content. Share what you know. Inspire our readers and listeners so they can connect to the events that have meaning and purpose for them. They are a smart bunch, and they are curious. Here’s to giving our readers the access they want to intel, and making your event a success.

Learn more about how to connect with our readers, for free, and as a featured event on the Catalyst, Daily Spark and SpX.


Touchpoint 1: Your event on the Catalyst Homepage.

Touchpoint 2: Your event as a display ad on the Events page.

Attract attendees via the Daily Spark, Catalyst home- & event pages.

So many ways to get your event in the spotlight!

Register your event for free to add it to the events calendar.

For more attention – sign up for the Featured Event treatment.

4 – 300 x 250 ads locations are available on the Catalyst Events page.

1. Have your ad showcased on the Catalyst homepage Featured Events bar alongside daily content

2. Your ad will also go out to thousands of inboxes daily with the Daily Spark Events highlights

3. Both touch points lead to our Events page. Your Featured Event display ad (and calendar listing) opens up to your very own event page, with the information that people need to attend — linking straight to your registration page, and social sites.

For large-scale events – consider upgrading you ad to include Featured Events stories and podcasts

You’ve meticulously planned and programmed your event, but competing for attention and connection with your would-be attendees can be challenging.

So, how does this work?

  • First select the ad location you want. Verify the size of the ad will work with your logo, if it doesn’t – don’t worry we can help.
  • Next click on the check availability button to find open weeks to run your ad.
  • Select your target weeks and click the button to select them.
  • Shop around. Select other nodes, ad locations and weeks to start Sparking St. Pete. When you have added all those great ad locations and dates to your shopping cart go to the checkout and use the sparks in your account to pay for them.
  • Need more sparks? No problem! Just buy more or contact us for assistance.

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